The Most Trendy Promotional USB Styles

Promotional USB devices are more popular than ever before. No longer are companies handing out hats, pens, and mugs. They are now handing out technology that can be utilized for a long time that encases their company logo. Let’s take a look at some of the most trendy styles of promotional USB devices currently offered to businesses.

Eco-Friendly Drives

The oh-so-popular words of ‘eco’ and ‘green’ seem to get more attention than ever before. By promoting your company through eco-friendly USB devices you can portray an image of being environmentally conscious. This works to enhance your business’ trustworthiness as well as decrease future waste.

USB Keys

These promotional USB keys are shaped just like the name entails. They fit perfectly on a key ring and no one but the owner knows that it contains information. This promotional USB serves a wider purpose as it will continue to enhance your brand awareness as its user pulls out their keys as well as when they actually need to use the drive. This translates to ingraining your logo over and over into their mind. Promotional USB


Another great way to conceal data is in a promotional USB wristband. These trendy bands can boast about your company while providing a great fashion statement. Consumers will love these promotional gifts as they serve multiple purposes. These also make it very hard for consumers to lose your promotional product.

Credit Cards

Yes, you can get a promotional USB in the shape of a credit card. These slide easily in the wallet and make carrying the USB as simple as possible. This brings the added sense of security, as no one would really suspect your USB to be installed inside of a credit card.

Leather USBs promotional
One added advantage to this promotional USB over the other styles is the surface area for promotion. This provides a large flat space of the traditional credit card for you to imprint your company logo, slogan, phone number, and other information. This has the best potential to stick with a consumer well into the future.Paper Clips

These handy USBs are great for businesses that need to utilize a lot of data sharing. By clipping papers with these paper clip USB devices and passing them on to the next person in the company, one can utilize a two-fold data delivery system. This means that more individuals are potentially likely to see your promotional USB than just a single user.

There are many new styles of these USB devices that can be used to promote your business. Now each industry is able to better promote their specific brand with different styles of these USB drives.

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