Perfect Promotional Products for Showcases

Your company may distribute promotional products through a variety of avenues and at a host of events, and some of those events are showcases. Whether the business visits culinary exhibits or bridal shows, knowing the proper promotional products to bring can help to draw in more customers for your business.

Bags and Totes as Promotional Items
Envision yourself walking around a showcase. The last thing you probably want is to have your hands filled up with items. At showcases, many entities provide promotional products, and you can give your own as a way for guests to store all of their items. A bag or a tote is a great way to have visitors to your booth remember you throughout the event. Also, you are leaving a positive impression of the company by giving them an item that they can use now.

Food and Drinks
You may feel tempted to provide food and beverages since you are at a showcase, and that is a good idea to entice people over to your stand. However, remember that cuisine alone is not enough. Even if individuals love the flavors that you provide, they will not necessarily remember your name and contact information once they move on to the next booth. As a result, you also must provide a tangible item that they can take with them. Promotional Products

Immediate Usage
Even if bags and totes are not the style of your company, try to find items that your guests can use right away. You don’t want them to think of your promotional products as items that will get thrown in the glove compartment as soon as they get back into your car. For example, people may have forms or cards to fill out when they are at showcases, and some of them probably forgot pens at home. By providing pens, you are offering an item that has an immediate purpose. They will see the name of your company each time they fill something out, and they can use the pen again later.

Travel Mugs promotional products

You may want to give out some large promotional item so that the name and contact information of your company is in a big font right on the front of it. If you do so, you may find a number of your promotional products in the garbage at the end of the event. People are trying to pick up brochures from vendors, balance plates of food and chat with representatives from companies. If your promotional products become a burden for them to carry around, they are probably just going to toss them in the garbage or set them down and forget about them as soon as they possibly can.

Attending a showcase means that you have the opportunity to interact with a number of potential customers in a short period of time. However, you want to do more than just speak with them. You want to provide them with items so that they remember your business when they return home and call upon it.

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